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about Claudia

With cutting edge grace and memorable elegance, Claudia Newman's beautiful presence, her talent and her charming personality are the definition of a modern versatile actress.

Claudia was born and raised in former East Germany. She is a middle child with a younger sister and an older brother. She grew up with a huge interest in sport, and started to ride horses at the age of 6. Also played clarinet for years and was member in the High School Orchestra program.
Claudia's interest in acting started out as she landed a role as a little girl in the TV production Spuk von draussen (1987) dir. by 'Günter Meyer. Immediately she fell in love with acting and got involved in different plays in the school community theater to developed more and more the craft.

Nevertheless she decided later to take another professional path and worked as police officer and Bodyguard for a few years. But even during this period as Bodyguard she continued to work on stage and screen, as well to study with different coaches.
Now living in London and traveling between Europe and North America, Claudia is definitely someone to watch in the future.